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    Hi everyone!  My daughter, Hayden, has had eczema since she was a baby. Her flare-ups have been consistent since she entered the “toddler” stage, a...
  • Meet the Owner


    A Q & A with our owner, Savenah:

    • How did you start the brand? 
      •  I started the brand in my 1,100 sq. ft. apartment with my husband, while on maternity leave. What originally was me creating custom clothing for my daughter--quickly grew into a brand that I started selling via Etsy.
    •  What can consumers get from your brand?
      •  First off, my mission is to create fun and vibrant clothing for your kids to look great in. I knew that I wanted prints that no other retailer had, so I found Spoonflower, an online website that sells local artist prints. You can use their prints on fabric, wallpaper, gift wrapping, and more. Why not support other small business owners? Second, all of my products and cut and sewn by me, which makes it that much more fulfilling. Not many can say they purchased and received product directly made in the US.
    •  Who is your inspiration?
      • My 5-year-old daughter, Hayden. She is the reason I started this brand. She is constantly involved in what I do. She gives me her brutally honest feedback on prints and if she likes what I have created. She is also my muse. When I think of prints for the season, I think of the personal style she has developed. Also, my followers! I am always asking for feedback. You will occasionally see me post on my Insta Stories asking my followers what they want to see in the upcoming collection. 
    •  A little about you... What are some fun facts about you!?
      •  This is a good one! I am a closet introvert around new people, but once I get to know you my Leo side comes out (I am a Cancer-Leo cusp). I danced for 20 years with 4-years of it being a professional cheerleader. I also work for a luxury retailer and have been for over 8-years. As much as I love running a small business, its nice to connect with other around fashion and style. I love leading a team of incredible individuals!