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Hi everyone! 

My daughter, Hayden, has had eczema since she was a baby. Her flare-ups have been consistent since she entered the “toddler” stage, and only gets worse as we are dead smack in allergy season. She’s been prescribed Eucrisa to deal with her flare-ups, but I’m always on the look out for natural remedies. 

I knew about the benefits of coconut oil, as I use it on my natural hair daily. But, I didn’t know how coconut oil would benefit eczema. After meeting, Danielle Conte Bernd in 2018 and learning about her brand, Conscious Coconut, I took the dive and purchased my first tube. 

To my surprise (well not really), after slabbing coconut oil all over her arm (especially in crevice of her elbow), over the course of 2-days, my daughters flare-up subsided. Y’all—I’m not kidding, this tube is a miracle. I am already on tube #2, and purchasing more soon! 

Allergy season is here and I am using this tube almost every day. With the climate of our world right now, you can also use coconut oil to fight cold/flu viruses and bacteria. Check out some of the benefits of coconut oil, and check out Conscious Coconut! #shopsmall

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 Benefits of Coconut Oil:

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—immune system boost: have it in smoothies or coffee

—protection from germs: lauric acid & monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens. Dab under nose for protection

—oil pulling: gives a fresh smile; detoxifying & kills bacteria. Swish 1 tbsp for about 5-mins a day.

—moisturizing and fight bacteria with coconut oil daily.


Stay safe & healthy!